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That's impossible ...

  • One tourist asked one of the locals: "Excuse me, what's the name of the mountain up ahead?" The Galtürer looks around: "Dar Wehl?" The Tourist: "Thank you."
  • Meal times in the resort: Breakfast 8-11 clock, Midday by 11 to 15 coffee from 15 to 18, dinner 18 clock until midnight! Then a guest: "Too bad, I would be so happy once gone to the slopes!"
  • "Heinz, you've actually already made vacation plans?" "No, why? My wife determines where we go, my boss determines when we travel, and my bank how long we go."
  • Customer: "For the holidays I am looking for a really great thriller." "A really great thriller?" considering the bookseller, "Then take this. As you learn only on the last page that the butler has all killed."
  • Meier comes from the hike back and tells his wife: "And imagine, suddenly grabbed me in two thousand meters of altitude noise!" "You do not say, Otto! Do not tell me, up there, there's also a bar ..."
  • Hans comes back from vacation. Ask him about the customs officer: "Tea cigarettes liquor????" Then Hans: "Thank you, no longer needed - all before the luggage."
  • In the spa town of locals says to a visitor: ". The climate is excellent here when I arrived, I could not speak, do not run and had no hair." - "Gosh, how long have you been here?" - "Since my birth!"
  • "My plate is all wet," said the traveler complained in a luxury hotel. "Be quiet," whispered his wife, "that's already the soup!"