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  • If the whole year would be about pleasure, the pleasure would be as tedious as to work.
  • Nowhere man strained as much as they hunt for recovery.
  • The difference between existing and living lies in the use of leisure time.
  • "On holiday displeases me so much that I feel like home"
  • During the holidays we get the privilege of the animals back: to sleep when we are tired.
  • Holiday is a strenuous activity, you will begin to enjoy until they are gone.
  • The only people who still swimming in oil, the beach goers.
  • Some behave on holiday, as they are ... and because she knows no one.
  • Holidays loved ones are with local wines; brought home, you are disappointed by them.
  • The best thing about the holidays is the memory of it.
  • Does the painter at the wrong end of the brush, he is certainly ripe for the island!
  • Holiday for me is always without risk, my boss says when, where my wife says.
  • One should not be on vacation a different person, but after the holiday.
  • Many hunt on holiday to relax and are then completely done.
  • No cell phone reception, no internet connection, no TV - bad mood? No - the best conditions for a successful holiday.